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Services & Pricing        

Therapeutic Massage

Enjoy this combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue, always different, depending on what is necessary for you.

30 minute express – $45 ($144)
60 minute full body – $80 ($256)
90 minute intensive – $110 ($352)
120 minute transcendence --  $140

*Prices in parentheses are for packages of 4




Acupuncture is wonderfully effective for managing all sorts of conditions, from stress and anxiety to chronic pain, infertility, and many sorts of diseases, and can even be done when you are feeling well to help you relax further and prevent future recurrences of ailments!

Initial Session – 90 min - $110
Follow-up Session – 60 min - $75
With Massage – 90 min - $130



Body Treatments

Sugar Glow

A blend of organic oils and organic sugar make this scrub a perfect exfoliant that will also hydrate and soften the skin. After you are buffed and polished, we'll finish with a rich creme. This treatment will leave your skin baby soft and aglow.

30 minutes – $45


Aloe Vera Wrap

Aloe gel is known for its amazing moisturizing abilities as well as improving skins natural firmenss and ability to stay hydrated!  For this service, organic aloe vera gel is deliberately brushed over most of your body and then wrapped to let all of its goodness soak in.  Warm towels will remove the gel and organic oils will seal in the moisture. This treatments fights aging skin head on!

45 minutes – $65



Double Butter Massage and Wrap

This service is both a therapeutic massage and a body treatment~ Organic, unrefined shea and coca butter are used generously as sore muscles are worked deeply exactly where you need it. After, you are wrapped in warmth while the butter and all of it's nutrients are allowed to absorb into your skin. You will leave relaxed and shimmering with super hydrated skin!

60 minutes – $90


"I Want My Skin To Look Amazing!" - Glow and Wrap

A combination of The Sugar Glow and Double Butter Wrap will leave your skin supple and renewed for any important event or at the beginning or end of any season.

90 minutes – $135


Healing Stone Therapy

Smooth basalt stones are gently heated and then placed above and below you while you receive a full body massage, warm stones in hand. This process is detoxifying and very grounding. It is highly recommended for those who prefer a lighter touch.

90 minutes – $130




Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing, which promotes health and spiritual/emotional well-being by encouraging the release of negative energy from the body.

One hour $70


Couples Massage Class

This private lesson is for people who want to learn how to share the gift of stress relief with their partner. A brief history of massage starts out this session, followed by an overview of basic massage strokes and how to effectively and safely use them. We'll address the neck, back, feet, hands, and other common points of fatigue and discomfort. Handouts included.

Two hours – $199


Pregnancy Massage

A combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue is used to relieve tension and stress that may be associated with pregnancy, leaving the mother with a deep feeling of relaxation.

60 minutes – $90



Nuturing the Mother® Fertility Massage

The Nurturing the Mother® Fertility Massage program is a combination of specific massage techniques developed by renowned Massage Therapist Claire Marie Miller. The techniques used include Aromatherapy, Cranial-sacral alignment, fertility awareness, cleansing therapies, fertility reflexology, and visualizations.  The current success rate of conception is over 60%.  This therapeutic treatment is designed to help individuals who are preparing to conceive naturally with conscious awareness or clients using assisted reproductive technology.

90 minutes - $125 (4- pack $400)


Foot Reflexology Massage

A massage for the feet is therapy for the entire body. There are reflex areas on the feet that correspond to every part of the body. This foot massage combined with reflexology technique feels refreshing for the feet and leaves the whole body feeling relaxed and renewed. Includes aromatherapy blend for grounding and balancing the body.

30 Minutes $45
60 Minutes $80


Please allow for 24-hour advanced notice for all cancellations or a $25 fee will be added to your account.

Studio hours are by appointment only.

Currently accepting cash, check, Baltimore B*Note, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX.

credit cards



All services include the highest quality, organically grown, or wild-crafted essential oils . (Unless otherwise noted in the therapists’ biography.) Please be sure to communicate with your therapist prior to your appointment about how you would like our oils to benefit your particular service.




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About Missi kibelbek

I hold a BS in Health Education from the University of Maryland, College Park. I graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage in 2000, where I studied advanced massage and bodywork, anatomy, physiology, and the clinical application of massage. I have also studied and include in my practice healing stone therapy.  Also, I trained with Elaine Stillerman for Mother Massage and more recently, Claire Marie Miller for “Nurturing the Mother”.

A Maryland State licensed and nationally certified Massage Therapist with a private practice since 2001, I have also worked in health club and spa settings.

In addition to my work as a practitioner, I taught the massage certification program at the Holistic Massage Training Institute for three years.

Currently, we use Biotone's Pure Touch Organics massage cream for our basic massage services. I also use a variety of natural products for my other treatments, all paraben-free.  And most of them are from Renew Botanicals.



Merle Davison, is a nationally certified and licensed member of the American Massage Council and is constantly on a quest to improve her skills and learn different modalities, philosophies and techniques.

In practice since 2005, she uses her own signature integration of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, Thai foot reflexology and Reiki to create an incredible full-table massage as well as a totally relaxing, tension-relieving seated session.  After a brief consultation, your session will be tailored to meet your specific needs to ensure a truly exceptional massage experience.

“My personal philosophy is that each and every “body” is to be accepted, respected and appreciated as it is. My intent is to give you an exceptionally healing massage that leaves you feeling great! And with each massage I create that intent anew. I love this work and I love being of service. That's the bottom line.”



Charles is a native of Baltimore in practice locally since 2010.  He received his training & certification in Miami, FL at the Educating Hands School of Massage.  He maintains an interest and study in bodywork,
holistic medicine & esoteric knowledge.




A holistic approach to wellness is the motto that Massage Therapist Noni Brown lives by. Her individualized, consultative care for each and every client keeps her faithful patrons coming back. Her love for wellness came from a natural desire to always care for others. After impressively completing a massage therapy program in 2011 at The Fortis Institute then gaining her state license and Board certification with National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork(NCBTMB), Noni has since worked in a few well known Spas in the Maryland area.
Noni prides herself on offering relaxing, healing touch. She is trained in deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone, prenatal, Swedish and Fertility Massage. The latter contains aspects of fertility reflexology, acupressure for fertility, Cranial Sacral Alignment and Fertility Awareness and charting.




As an acupuncturist, massage therapist, and birth worker, I am constantly amazed by the level of emotional and physical change and growth that can be facilitated by rebuilding awareness of the mind-body connection. I began my practice as a massage therapist in 2006 training at the Baltimore School of Massage and then proceeded to get my masters in acupuncture at Tri-State College of Acupuncture in NYC. My practice is well-rounded, with special focus on working with people diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease as well as managing all sorts of conditions that arise throughout the reproductive cycle; I am especially interested in supporting non-traditional families with fertility, pregnancy, and birth. I also work extensively with pain management and love to use both massage and acupuncture with athletes - particularly in martial arts - to rehab injuries and improve endurance. I am happy to use my post-graduate training in whole food nutrition to help my clients explore their relationships to food while encouraging eating habits that are as nourishing (and enjoyable!) as possible. I strongly believe in the wisdom of the body and strive to create a space where folks feel empowered to find a home in themselves in their own way.  I believe that the process of seeking wellness can be quite radical and consider myself a fierce advocate of body positivity and authenticity. 




Jessica E. K. Sellner is an Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master with a background in traditional western medicine. She is student of Herbalism and found reiki during her own ongoing journey to physical and spiritual health. Her universal intention is to increase accessibility to all knowledge and healing modalities. 



Renee has been practicing massage and facilitating holistic wellness for the past thirty years; she is a graduate of Potomac Massage Training Institute and a former instructor at Baltimore School of Massage. Her subsequent training has taken her all over the country learning to integrate varied techniques into her practice, including lomi lomi, reflexology, prenatal, Balinese style massage, and more. Using Swedish and deep tissue as a foundation, she combines these different modalities to create a well-rounded, nurturing massage with a focus on pain relief, vitality, and balance.

Renee has used aromatherapy in her treatments for many years but her interest and excitement for them really intensified when she discovered their profound healing effects. Young Living essential oils are also an integral part of her practice as a detox massage specialist and she uses aromatherapy in every treatment.

Renee believes that the body is designed to heal itself but we may need some guidance and assistance to remind our bodies of this and allow the space and time for the healing to unfold. The goal is to find the most gentle and least invasive way to assist the body to restore balance and health. Her gift is her ability to bring her clients to a deep state of relaxation while also releasing pain and tension in the body.








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Our practice is conveniently located in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood. We're on the second floor of a kitchy little house right on "The Avenue" – 822 W. 36th Street. There is plenty of metered parking in front and free residential parking on surrounding streets. Our meters take credit cards and coins only.

In order to receive your full time on our tables, please plan to arrive early to allow time for parking.

From 83 N
Take the exit for Falls Road (immediately after the exit for Druid Hill/28th Street). Make a right at the first light onto 36th Street. Go through the light at Roland Avenue. Pass through the next intersection, which is Elm Street. I'm about half way between Elm and Chestnut, on the left.

From 83 S
Take the exit for 28th Street. Make your first left onto Sisson Street. Go through two lights where Sisson will bear to the right past Stieff Silver, turning into Keswick Road. Follow Keswick for approximately five city blocks, making a left onto 36th Street. Go through the first light and I'm a half a block on your right.


missi kibelbek sign

Visiting the studio?
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"I was given a massage by Charles Dube. He's a rare breed who seems to intuitively know what my body needs, while also making the massage feel really good. Usually massages kind of hurt because I need heavy pressure, but not his. I've been looking for a massage therapist for a regular visit to replace mine who retired. 
I've chosen Charles.
Thank you so much."  - Laura T.

"I saw Srebrina for a prenatal massage. Of course, physically, I felt much better when I left the massage. However, I can't underestimate how Srebrina made me feel more confident, nurtured and respected. Does that make sense? Throughout my pregnancy, I've realized that people do not hesitate to comment on my body (not in a hurtful way, but that they feel entitled to speak or comment or ask me about my body). Srebrina made me feel empowered, happy and respectful of my body (not judgmental or suspicious). It was very powerful for me." – Amy K.

“Noni is great! Really relaxing massage! She is not only skilled as a massage therapist, but she understands the unspoken art of conversation during a massage: being perfectly attentive and not overly talkative.”

“Merle was amazing and was completely attentive and in tune to my needs.  I was able to relax and breathe and felt renewed again!  Missi and her massage therapists are great, eco-friendly, and a great local company that supports local!  Thank you!”

"The atmosphere is very personal and artistic. Ask for Srebrina, she is great!"

"Noni was excellent! She did an amazing job. I hope to schedule another appointment with her soon."

“I have walked in with horrible pain From a motorcycle accident.
Missi has strong hands! 
I leave feeling lighter.
Less pain. Sometimes.. elevating pain completely 
for days.
The practice is clean.
Which is important to me.”  Rachael E.

“When it comes to receiving a great massage, I couldn't imagine a better mix of deep nudging of those crunchy tight knits in my shoulders, paired with Missi's soothing and gentle touch. Phew-- needed that and look forward to return visits!” – Lisa L.

“The very best!!! I can even breathe more easily after my appointment with Missi, which I don't completely understand, but boy is breathing nice. So good!” – Shannon D.

“Missi is simply wonderful! Noni and Liz are just excellent! The atmosphere is soothing and comfortable. I feel like a new person after each time I am there. I will be back for sure!”

“I knew an experience at MIssi Kibelbek's would be amazing, since I went there recently for a delightful massage and wrap by Missi herself and it was really wonderful. I knew I'd be back - and when things got really stressful for me in the past few weeks I knew it was time for me to return. I booked a 90-minute massage with Merle Davison because it was the perfect time for me and what a gift of serendipity that was! It came as no surprise at all to me that Ms Davison is also a sculptor, as I knew I was in the hands of a talented artist from the very start. With all of her intuitive and skillful maneuvers, I was able to relax in a much more profound way than I've been able to in a very long time. I've still got "work" to go, but this is the kind of job I'll gladly pay to do - because so long as I am on her table, she will be "Magic Merle" to me! (Added bonus: as an artist myself, I love that I can support a local business, get a FABULOUS massage, and contribute to the livelihood of another artist as well - win/win/win!)”– Christina R.

“Missi is incredible!! I've seen her from everything from pre wedding prep, to triathlon training & recovery, to simply relaxation. She's the BEST!” – Elysia M.

“Liz Ulrich is the best I've found for excellent body work. She has great hands, a wealth of knowledge, and (unlike others at different massage salons) doesn't try to chat you up while you are trying to enjoy the silent luxury. If I had the money, I'd go every week!” – Kathleen B.

“Missi is a master at work. If you want to take a trip to heaven visit Missi Kibelbek of Bodywork Studios.” – Toni J.

“Missi Kilbelbek is an AMAZING massage therapist. I am confident the rest of her team are also skilled therapists. The rooms are SPACIOUS (something you do not find often), warm, inviting. Missi asked me to come early to my appointment, as all massage therapists do when you have not seen them before, and she took time to go over the questionnaire I completed to confirm she had a good understanding of my challenges and what I was looking for from massage therapy. The session was amazing. One of the best. I will certainly be going back to Missi, and I heartily suggest others try her, or the other massage therapists, out!”

“I bought this for my wife and she was blown away. Definitely worth a trip for an hour.”

“Missi is awesome. This time I had Merle. She was equally awesome. I drive all the way across town for them because they are unparalleled in Baltimore.”

“Lovely experience yesterday with Merle. All my massages have been great. Last time it was a body butter and massage with Missi. Try this studio, you will love it”

“Liz was a very sensitive and intuitive therapist. It is difficult to find a massage therapist who is capable of doing therapeutic massage as opposed to "spa" massage so I am very happy to have found Liz. Thank you for the great service!”

“Liz was very professional and gave me an excellent massage. Have already scheduled a return visit.”

Missi is a gem for the Baltimore community! She uses many years of experience and knowledge to help her clients relax and feel refreshed. She has a gentle touch, yet strong hands to help work out any tension you may have. She also uses amazing organic products that never feel too greasy or heavy. Her studio is an oasis in which one can relax and escape from a stressful day. She goes above and beyond to provide the best experience for her clients. She will heat the massage table on cold days, offer you a bottle of refreshing water after the massage, and she will send you will a personalized baggy of bath salts to take home for a later soak. I have seen Missi for many massages over the last few years and I highly recommend her to everyone! – Jesse D.

There are not enough words to explain Missi's talent. I feel as if in her industry, there are massage therapist, and there are healers. Missi is a true healer. She knows exactly how to increase your circulation in ways that will find and open any mental blocks I may have at the moment. Every time i leave her studio, I feel refreshed, both in body, and in mind. Her studio is calming, in every way imaginable, from the lavender smells, to the soft, and cozy sheets, to the delicious ice cold, glass bottled water she serves you. The first time I went to Missi was after making major dietary changes in my life after having my 15 month old son, in November of 08. I really feel her therapy gave me the energy to kick start my new diet program in the right way. As I never once stressed over the changes I had to make, because I started it with a clear mind. – Melissa Y.

Missi is a great massage therapist....she doesn't just go thru a 'routine' massage with you, but rather asks questions about problem areas YOU may be having, or spots that you may want concentrating on during the massage. It feels very customized, b/c it is! I also appreciate that she recognizes things going on with my body that I may have not realized myself, and gives me tips for helping myself, in day to day life, for problem areas that she finds. Her studio space is very relaxing, and you can tell that she pays attention to EVERY detail--the linens, the music, making me, the client feel welcome with tea or spring water...... and especially the great lotions and potions she uses in the massage (the aromatherapy powders she adds to the massage lotion are divine!). – Erin W.

Thank you so much for the massage today! It makes me feel better just to have the situation back there explained to me--don't know why, but I like to picture what's going on with my muscles. I will certainly be back, and continue to refer you to friends! – Hilary H.

"You’re a miracle worker!" – Darcy H.

"What a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Missi was down to earth and welcoming. I will definitely be making another appointment and passing on her information to friends." – Brittany W.

“It was a sublime experience. My skin feels so smooth and your hands are like magic on sore, tense muscles. I would gladly recommend you to anybody looking for a caring, competent practitioner.” --Marianna M

“It is great! My skin was soooo soft for days!” – Audrey B

“I just wanted to say thanks! I got the sugar and scrub last night and Missi was amazing. Not only did I make another appointment before I left but I have already told my friends. My skin feels amazing. I can't wait to get a full massage!” – Jessie B

“I am floating. No more aches. And the shea butter wrap? That was just the icing on the cake. Thank you, lady, for making me feel so good. 
you. are. the. best.”
– Kathleen M

“Thanks so much! I am a relaxed piece of melted flesh--I loved the shea butter treatment on top of the fabulous massage--all my knots gone snap, crackle, POP!” – Erin W

“Thanks for the great massage!! I'm already recommending you to friends. Oh and by the way, I'm drinking lots of water tonight :) I can't wait to come back after Thanksgiving!!” – Nicole F

“I got the sugar glow and Shea Butter body wrap yesterday and loved it. Missi was great - her massaging was to die for. My body felt so good walking out of there and my husband couldn't believe how smooth my skin was that evening. My skin still feels so good. Recommend to Baltimore residents - support this local good business.” – Kirsty K

"Thanks! and thank you for arranging for me to meet again with Liz! She is wonderful! I am new to the Hampden area and you have a customer for life! :) " - Kathleen K.


shea butter wrap



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I look forward to hearing from you!

- Missi


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